Campaign Goals

Liberate the Southside Campaign Goals:

Tax the 1%
Liberate the 99%
Rebuild our Communities!

  1. Force banks to write down homeowners’ mortgages to current market value.
    1. Enact county/state/federal legislation that will require banks to adjust homeowner mortgages so that they do not exceed the current market value of the home.
  1. Close tax loopholes for large corporations and establish a financial transaction tax
    1. Enact state/federal legislation that will eliminate all the ways that corporations use to avoid paying taxes.
    1. Enact federal legislation that will establish a financial transaction tax.
  1. Revise the personal tax code to increase the marginal tax rate for top earners and increase the tax rate on capital gains
    1. Enact federal legislation to raise the personal marginal tax rate and capital gains tax rate
  1. Force banks to give foreclosed properties to community organizations and to provide those organizations with low cost loans to fix up the properties for sale to local residents
    1. Enact city/state legislation that will:

i.     Require banks to turn over foreclosed properties that they are sitting on

ii.     Require banks to provide low cost construction loans

iii.     Allow qualified community organizations to rehab the properties

iv.     Require those community organizations to hire and train community residents to participate in the rehabbing.

v.     Put a structure in place that will ensure that local residents are given the first opportunity to buy the rehabbed homes.

  1. Stop no-fault evictions of residents of foreclosed properties.
    1. Enact county legislation that will prevent banks from evicting tenants of foreclosed properties and owners of foreclosed properties without notification and due process.
  1. Penalize banks that don’t lend to small businesses.
    1. Preclude state/county/city governmental bodies from banking with banks that don’t lend to small businesses

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