Day Three

January 21, 2011. Home Liberation Day 3

This painting by Tene now hangs in her new home!

LSS Anti-Eviction Defense Team jumped into action helping the family to move their personal belongings into the liberated home. Neighbors greeted the family with prayers, hugs, and donated furniture items. The family’s youngest member immediately ran to pick out the biggest room in the house as her own quickly unpacking and aligning her baby dolls in there new digs on her dresser. Mom was later surprised to see both children gathered in the living room around a small table to do their homework, “this is unheard of on a Saturday afternoon…who abducted my children,” she expressed with joy. The son explained there wasn’t heat in their last home forcing them to spend longer hours at school whenever possible or seeking some warmth under the covers. Now they had a warm, well-lit, and clean space to their assignments.

Although mom was tired she found the strength to shop for groceries and cook the family’s first sit down meal together in more than three years.

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